A career as a dental hygienist essay

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A career as a dental hygienist essay

Search Dental Hygienist Salary Guide — Salaries, Schools, and Information Today, there are many career opportunities in the healthcare sector when compared to dental hygienist salary and state investments in this sector.

Like nurses or medical assistants, dental hygienists prep the patient for the session and do aftercare. Aside from that, a dental hygienist is also taught to perform other tasks and responsibilities related to daily dental clinic operations.

A career as a dental hygienist essay

A dental hygienist can be assigned to three areas of responsibilities such as lab duties, office work, and patient care. The latter is usually the most fun yet challenging since you will be dealing with different people on a daily basis.

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As a dental hygienist, working under the supervision of a dentist, you will be tasked to perform simple procedures such as cleaning the teeth and removing calcareous deposits, stains, and accretions using the sterile dental equipment. Anybody can work as a dental hygienist provided they have obtained the proper education and training.

Dental hygienist courses and training programs are open to all high school graduates. This is a vocational course that would last no more than two years, but if you would like to pursue a specialty and additional training, there are enhancement programs offered by educational institutions.

The demand for dental hygienists continues to increase rapidly. However, you cannot work as a dental hygienist unless you are licensed or certified. After all, you will sometimes be assigned to conduct invasive procedures and administer medicine, and a simple error could lead to lawsuits.

A certified and trained dental hygienist should be particular with the standard practices, concepts, and procedures within the field. Familiarity with the human anatomy specifically the oral anatomy in order is necessary to properly carry out duties.

All dental hygienists work under general supervision and would make daily or weekly reports to a dentist. The number one factor that you have to consider that could greatly affect a dental hygienist salary is location.

The reason behind this is the high cost of living. If you are living in Southern states where the population is lower, along with the cost of living, then you can expect a smaller but still well deserved dental hygienist salary. Even though a dental hygienist salary is not constant from location to location, it would still be fortunate to work in the healthcare field, as the healthcare industry is known to be very generous to their workers in terms of benefits and other packages.

Factors Contributing to the Need for Dental Hygienist According to statistics, there are a few main factors that contributed to the growth of the dental hygienist profession.

First, there are a lot of individuals who are choosing to retain their original teeth thus increasing the need to advance dental science. This means that there are newer and more sophisticated dental procedures that dentists have to keep up with. With so much of their time taken to study and master these new dental procedures, there is a greater need for hire dental hygienists or dental assistants to perform basic dental procedures.

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This way, dentists will only be free to execute the complicated dental procedures.This practical degree equips you with the professional skills you'll need for a career as a dental hygienist and therapist. As a dental hygienist and therapist, you will help patients avoid and manage oral disease by promoting good oral health and providing treatments.

You will work independently on. National Healthy Workplace Survey Underway. You should have recently received a personal email invitation from Harry Cummings and Associates to participate in CDHA’s healthy workplace survey.

The goal of the Dental Public Health Residency program is to provide dentists with training in the general public health as well as dental public health and prepare them to function as public health dentists whose activities are concerned with preventing and controlling dental diseases and promoting dental health through organized community efforts.

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