American songwriting awards 2015 winners oscars

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American songwriting awards 2015 winners oscars

Creating A Standout Chorus by Danny Arena One of the most common musical traps songwriters fall into is having a chorus that sounds too much like the verse. Remember that the whole point of having different sections in your song is to have variety. As a general rule of thumb, different musical sections such as verses, lifts, choruses and bridges should contrast each other.

This makes each section unique, which keeps the song musically interesting. This is especially important in the chorus section, which really needs to stand out from the rest of the song.

So how we can apply this idea of creating contrast to the music?

american songwriting awards 2015 winners oscars

Since music has three fundamental components melody, harmony, and rhythmwe have three ways of creating a contrast between different musical sections. The easiest test of this is to try and draw a line representing the melody in your song.

On the other hand, if you end up with a fairly straight line, you have what I call a "flatline" melody it means exactly what the term implies - the song has been pronounced melodically dead. Often this happens if a writer begins the verse in their highest singing register.

The simplest way to avoid this trap is to write the verse in a comfortable, but low melodic range.

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This gives you plenty of room to move upward in the chorus. If you write the chorus first, try to keep it in your upper singing register. This will give you room to make the verse melody lower while still creating an effective contrast. The chords used in a song supply the musical foundation for the melody as well as establishing the emotional feel of the song.

The same goes for the bridge or lift section. Try to consciously choose a different chord progression for each different musical section.

The easiest way to achieve this is to start each section on a different chord. If the verse starts on a G chord then begin the chorus on a different chord like C, and your bridge on an Am chord.

Rhythmic Contrast - A third way to create an effective contrast between sections is by changing the rhythm of the melody between the verse and chorus.

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Try to imagine the rhythm of the verse melody in your head. Hear those big long half notes on words like "way" and "up"?

For the most part, the verse rhythm is composed of half notes. Can you tell the difference? The bridge section is comprised mainly of the quicker rhythm of eighth notes, which creates an effective contrast to the half notes in the verse.

Hope to see you on the charts.OSCARS LISTS: RECORDS AND CURIOSITIES Over the years since its inception in /8, the Oscars awards ceremony has led to a number of curious records and coincidences, and even the occasional incident.

The Ivor Novello Awards are awarded for songwriting and composing. The awards, The People's Choice Awards is an American awards show recognising the people and the work of popular culture. Retrieved 5 July ↑ "Brit Awards Winners list". . She won Best Actress awards f or "To Each His Own"() and "The Heiress" ().

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Her win for Female Vocalist of the Year marked her sixth consecutive. See All the Winners From the Oscars.

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