Cja 304 week 2 police report

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Cja 304 week 2 police report

Cja 304 week 2 police report

History[ edit ] When the British occupied the Cape permanently inthey retained the Roman-Dutch legal system. They concluded, however, that the criminal justice system was archaic, and so introduced one based on their own in It has been developed over the years to suit local conditions.

The South African system today is basically accusatorial: The accusation and its proof are state-driven, with a state-appointed prosecuting authority. Criminal procedure overlaps with other branches of the law, like the law of evidence [1] and the substantive law.

These divisions are not absolutely watertight. Child Justice Act[ edit ] The Child Justice Act, [3] in operation since Aprilhas introduced numerous changes to criminal procedure insofar as it affects minors persons under the age of eighteen.

It involves a two-stage trial procedure in a special child justice court. Methods of getting an accused to court[ edit ] The CPA lists four methods of securing the attendance of an accused person in court.

The basic principle of South African criminal procedure is that of access to courts, in accordance with section 34 of the Constitution. There is no general provision for trial in absentia. Arrest[ edit ] The manner in which arrests are to be carried out is dealt with in section 39 1 of the Act, which provides that arrests may be effected with or without warrant, and which envisages three scenarios: He is then to be informed of the cause of the arrest or, in case of an arrest with a warrant, to be given on demand a copy of the warrant.

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If the arrest is not lawful, resistance or escape by the arrestee will not be unlawful, and the arrestor will have committed an assault. Anyone who may lawfully arrest a person and who knows or reasonably suspects that person to be on certain premises may, after audibly demanding access, giving reasons, if necessary break open and enter to search and arrest the suspect.

The most important of these circumstances are when any person commits or attempts to commit an offence in the presence of that peace officer; when the peace officer reasonably suspects any person of having committed a Schedule 1 offence other than the offence of escaping from lawful custody ; when any person has escaped or attempts to escape from lawful custody.

The following are the most important of those types of person whom private persons may arrest without a warrant: In S v Tsotsi[27] the court held that such an arrest is unlawful if its objective is to frighten and harass the arrested person to stop a particular conduct rather to bring him to court for trial.

It was recently held that this is no longer the position, and that now the potential arrestor must also consider whether arresting the suspect would be reasonable in the circumstances, [28] [29] [30] [31] but the Supreme Court of Appeal SCA has since differed from this line of case law, effectively reinstating Tsotsi.

With warrant[ edit ] A magistrate or justice of peace may issue a warrant of arrest on written application of the Director of Public Prosecutions DPPa public prosecutor or a commissioned police officer from the rank of captain upwards.

The period of 48 hours may be extended in the following circumstances: The Constitution enshrines this principle. Authorities are not entitled to keep the arrestee in custody pending the next sitting of a periodical court, if that would mean a longer delay than that permitted in the case of ordinary courts sitting each weekday.Police Report Police Report CJA/ March 2, Police Arrest/Incident Report Incident Type: Burglary Incident Date: Saturday, July 30, Time.

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Cja 304 week 2 police report

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Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s. Police Report for Week 2 Assignment CJA doc. Origin of Information contained within report: 07/22/ at , a dispatch was sent for assessment.

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