Driving curfews violating teens rights essay

There are pros and cons to setting a specific time the teenager must be home; however, many times, the pros far outweigh the cons. If you have a teenager living in the house, consider the benefits of setting a curfew before you dismiss the idea as impossible to set into place or too old-fashioned. Structure for Teenager's Life Giving a curfew to a teenager has more benefits than just the fact that he will be in at a certain time.

Driving curfews violating teens rights essay

After a busy day of tutoring autistic children and singing in her school choir, year-old Nicole Hartmann rushes home, hoping to evade the police. Nicole's no criminal, but she feels like one if she's out after 10 p. Under a new state law that took effect this year, and year-olds are banned from driving after 10 p.

Sunday through Thursday, and after 11 on Fridays and Saturdays. There are exemptions for driving home from work, school and religious activities, but Nicole's mother, Stacey, wasn't sure about that and didn't want to take a chance. But her mixed feelings about the graduated driver's license situation in Illinois reflect confusion and resentment of the law among teens who have to go home earlier and parents sometimes forced to drive them.

Experts say the law will save lives among new drivers, for whom traffic crashes are the leading cause of death. As a result of the new law, Illinois has one of the toughest graduated driver's license laws in the country, and researchers predict it will decrease crash deaths among teenagers by 38 percent.

One of those teens presumably protected by the law is Susan Redmond's daughter, who will turn 18 in May. Her daughter baby-sits, and if she's out past 10, she either has the parents who hired her drive her home to Lombard, or she has her mother pick her up -- sometimes at 1 in the morning if the parents are returning from a wedding.

Even with the exemption from work, her daughter doesn't want police calling parents late at night to check on what she was doing, for fear families won't want her back. Still, Redmond says, "If a little inconvenience with my daughter makes one kid safer, then it's OK.

Mike Goba of Lombard, a father of four -- three of whom are in their teens -- considers the law a way for politicians to look concerned while discriminating against responsible teenagers, rather than focusing on the few who get into serious accidents.

Seventeen-year-olds, in particular, had a taste of freedom before it was snatched away. Because curfew laws only apply to those 16 or younger, year-olds could drive late in December -- but not as of Jan.

So a year-old can be out with friends -- as long as he's not behind the wheel. Those who turn 18 first among their friends end up doing taxi service.

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Students at Buffalo Grove High School say many teens routinely violate the night-time driving restrictions. I can't even see a 9 o'clock movie. It's not worth getting your license revoked. If they don't make it in time, "They just have to break the rules. In DuPage County, for instance, the state's attorney's office has only handled five cases of alleged violations.

Some municipalities, such as Buffalo Grove, have not yet issued a ticket for violating the nighttime driving restriction. That's not for lack of trying, traffic Sgt. It's difficult for police to enforce the law just by seeing teenagers drive by, because it's impossible to tell their exact age just by looking.

If police stop a teen driver for another violation, they will check the driver's age.

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If the driver claims to be on the way home from work or school, the officer will make a call to check with the school or employer, the following day if necessary.

Because many parents and teens are confused about the law, its exemptions and how it differs from general curfew, Kristiansen said police are trying to educate them through efforts like the "You're driving me crazy" program at Stevenson High School. While some municipalities might not put as much emphasis on traffic laws, Kristiansen maintained that enforcing the new law will save lives, despite any minor inconveniences.

Sunday through Thursday and 11 p. Teens can drive after-hours if they are: Police note that for local trips, drivers must be heading directly to or from the event in question, so stopping at IHOP on the way home is not allowed.

And curfew laws are separate and still apply. But wait, there's more Curtailing late-night driving is just one part of Illinois' new rules for teen drivers. Had been first six months. Extra passengers are ticketed along with driver in case of a violation. Drivers younger than 21 must attend traffic school to get court supervision.

Driving simulators are no longer a valid substitute. Tickets and other violations will hinder ability to advance beyond the initial restrictions.

Survey: Parents aren’t enforcing teen driver laws

Illinois Secretary of State.Penalties for violations include extending the restriction for six months or more and fines for repeated violations. Statewide Driving Curfew Drivers under 18 may not drive between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. unless they are traveling to or from a scheduled event such as school events or work.

Teen Driving Should states impose tougher restrictions?M transmission of CQ copyrighted material is a violation of federal law carrying civil fines of up to $, The CQ Researcher(ISSN ) ing cause of death” for teens of driving age.

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According . Some teens always seem to find a way of cheating the system and when it comes to curfew, they may assume being with someone 18 years of age and older or getting permission from an adult is enough to stay out of trouble. SHOULD PEOPLE UNDER 18 BE SUBJECTED TO LEGAL CURFEWS OR RESTRICTED DRIVING PRIVILEGES?

2 In the United States youth curfew are mostly used to keep youth indoors and from roaming in the street at night.

Driving curfews violating teens rights essay

Driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated, drunken driving, drunk driving, operating under the influence, drinking and driving, or impaired driving is the crime of driving a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol or other drugs including those prescribed by physicians.

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