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Bob Garvey Did you ever chop down a large tree? The chain saw goes quickly and busily about its work, and branch after branch begins to fall. Then the trunk stands alone. It takes more skill and effort to attack the trunk, but with persistence it is taken down.

Eliminating the roots of evil on

Spiritual Roots of Physical Illnesses and Diseases

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. This message is likely to lose me a lot of friends, but it needs to be said. What I say is not new at all, but it is in a new context, which suggests that it is more important than ever to truly and seriously begin to address the problem systemically.

This is the easy one. When the Supreme Court effectively lifted all limits on political money in Citizens United, the flood gates were opened and we have seen just the beginning of a tsunami that could very well drown our system of a truly representative democracy.

The legal question was whether spending money was the equivalent of free speech.

Eliminating the roots of evil on

The Court ruled that it is and therefore cannot be curbed. To most people in this country it seems absurd to conflate those two very different things. By effectively eliminating limits a very small number of people can obtain much, MUCH louder voices by spending vast amounts of money, which in due course, is bound to warp our political system to increasingly favor big money interests.

Personally I have no problems with "big money" --in fact I like it -- unless I see it undermining the overall public interest. That is why I worry. I have a lot at stake too. Modern airplane wings are made to be flexible just to prevent them from breaking by being too stiff.

The stiff rule that there cannot be too much money in politics could break the wings of modern society. The sooner we deal with this problem, either by getting a Supreme Court to reverse Citizens United or by a Constitutional Amendment -or both - to protect the long run, the sooner we may begin to solve the dysfunctions in Washington.

The next important sector in our society harmed by money is the law. Typically lawyers keep track of the time they spend every day and allocate it to the matters they are working on including the time of all their supporting lawyers.

And as time has passed the hourly rates many lawyers all over the country charge routinely have been in four figures. What happens is that as time passes the number of hours grows exponentially.

The lawyers have almost total control over the time they spend and their basic incentive therefore is to work methodically and even slowly as well as carefully. They have gotten away with that process for a long time.

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Things are beginning to change because they silently slipped by an invisible line of tolerance and serious push back is finally under way. The fact is that the old model was always seriously flawed despite its seductive attraction of being the metric most easily at hand.

Now the question is: Perhaps some combination of outcomes, time, pages and agreed incentives to reward expeditious results for the client. Whatever it turns out to be, it should be better than what came before AND serve the world needing lawyers well.“Premature optimization is the root of all evil” is the root of evil.

Let’s face it, the quote from the title has been used to advocate bad programming far too often. Mula means "root." The Three Poisons are, then, the root of evil, or the root from which all unskillful or harmful actions spring. The Three Poisons are, then, the root of evil, or the root from which all unskillful or harmful actions spring.

The Root of All Evil

The Roots of Evil is an important book, both in its application of a comprehensive theoretical lens to the problem of mass violence and in its practical usefulness for /5(8).

The psychology of good and evil: why children, adults, and groups help and harm others / part ii.

the roots of helping other people in need in contrast to passivity of adults, to eliminate child labor, to protect children, to promote their welfare. Another child, . Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews is an electronic, The Roots of Evil. Published: January 08, Since we cannot hope to eliminate evil, the best we can do is cope with it -- i.e., find ways to reduce its incidence and intensity.

Kekes suggests three means of coping. Instead of eliminating poverty, the War on Poverty has made poverty more pathological, creating an underclass, often now described as "permanent," living on government handouts.

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