Essays on catholic education in the united states

Essays on Catholic Higher Education in the 20th Century. Edited by William M.

Essays on catholic education in the united states

Chesterton of his relationship with his brother. Like Chesterton, I like arguing but I always try to avoid quarreling. An argument leads closer to the truth; a quarrel leads further from it. Charity leads to clarity; the absence of charity leads to the absence of clarity.

With this distinction in mind, I am minded to argue with George Weigel over something he said about Catholic higher education in his foreword to Renewal of Catholic Higher Education: Briel University of Mary Pressthough I trust such disagreement will never constitute a quarrel.

Before voicing my possible point of disagreement with Mr. The first was Msgr.

Essays on catholic education in the united states

Paul, MN, in by Don J. Weigel ascribes as being the beginning of the Catholic Studies movement. Weigel feels that Msgr. One of the most important things about the Catholic Studies movement instigated by Don J. But this was not all.

And, one might say, just in the nick of time.

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For the deterioration of higher education throughout the United States in the past several generations has contributed mightily to the cultural crisis of the moment, and the cultural crisis, in turn, produced a political crisis in which constitutional democracy itself is now at risk.

There can be no disagreement here. Weigel says is indubitably true.

Essays on catholic education in the united states

The point of disagreement, if indeed it is a disagreement, comes in what Mr. If there are no bunkers, or catacombs, or fortresses, it is sometimes necessary to construct them ourselves. This was the spirit behind those other pioneers who founded Thomas Aquinas College and Christendom College as havens of sanity and sanctity amidst the mayhem and madness which followed in the wake of the surrender of mainstream Catholic universities to the power of the Zeitgeist.

If the mainstream is deadly, it might not be possible or desirable to swim upstream. On the contrary, if the river of no return is leading to a cataclysmic cataract, only a corpse or a madman would go with the flow.

I agree with Mr. Thomas and the University of Mary, which he did so much to build, are still flourishing. I would merely insist that other pioneers took different approaches to the same problem he sought to tackle and that their contributions are equally valid and equally valuable.

It might be that Mr. Weigel agrees with me and that I have simply misunderstood what I took to be the offending sentence. If so, I am pleased that we agree where I thought we differed.

If, however, the disagreement is real, I am relieved that it can only ever be an argument and never a quarrel. Will you help us remain a refreshing oasis in the increasingly contentious arena of modern discourse?This bar-code number lets you verify that you're getting exactly the right version or edition of a book.

The digit and digit formats both work. Compiled as a complementary volume to "Vital problems of Catholic education in the United States" issued, , by Catholic university of Americaand edited by R. J.

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Deferrari. cf. Pref. Bibliography at end of some of the essays. 0" ˆ ˙ 1ˇ! ’(Concurrent with the establishment and growth of the coeducational public high school system in the s was the single-gender seminary or academy movement.

Sponsored link: Attendance at religious services. According to the ARIS survey, in the United States, % of adults identified themselves as Christians during early 2 This number is dropping almost one percentage point per year.

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There has also been a drop in the percentage of American adults who attend religious services regularly. Catholic School Education is not merely moral or spiritual education; rather, it is education of the whole man, developing his intellectual, social, cultural, and physical endowments.

Introduction, Relevance and Scope and Delimitation of Study. Nowadays, many question catholic education. The world 3/5(10). A National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence! The United States Department of Education awards annually the Blue Ribbon to the top K public and private schools in the nation.