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In antiquity[ edit ] In the early Hellenistic world[ edit ] By the 4th century BC early Hellenistic period the Phrygian cap was associated with Phrygian Attisthe consort of Cybelethe cult of which had by then become graecified.

Headgear, inc. essay

Because the Army is a uniformed service, discipline is, in part, judged by Headgear appearance, both in and out of uniform. Not only Headgear this include my dress and personal grooming, this also includes my level of physical fitness and remaining within my approved weight.

There are exceptions to the appearance standards made for religious practices. While there are exceptions in place, they must still meet the criteria for this regulation.

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For example, if I were to wear a religious item on a necklace, the chain of the necklace should be around the same width as my ID tag chain, and should not more visible than said ID tag chain.

If wearing these items would present a safety hazard, or interfere with the performance of my duties, then I may not wear them. I will not be prohibited from wearing religious items just because they contain religious symbols.

If it meets the uniform standards and is not a safety hazard, then it may not be prohibited purely for religious reasons. During worship services, rituals, and rites, I, Headgear other soldiers, may wear visible religious attire not meeting normal standards, with the understanding that commanders may place limits on what can be worn during such services while in the field.

My hair must remain within grooming standards as I am expected to maintain my uniformity within the military.

Headgear, inc. essay

Because regulations cannot hope to address all hairstyles which may or may not be acceptable, I understand that my leaders, of all levels, are responsible for using their judgment to enforce this policy.

My hairstyle may not interfere with the fit of my headgear or protective equipment. If I choose to stray from my natural hair color, I must make sure my hair stays within the natural range of hair colors, as straying from this spectrum may detract from my uniformity and adherence to military appearance standards.

My haircut must stay within the standards set forth by this regulation. The hair on top of my head must be neatly groomed and may not be long, unkempt, or extreme. It must have a tapered appearance, conforming to the shape of my head.


The only hair that may touch my collar is the hair at the back of my neck, which should be cut closely. I am not allowed to have my hair in cornrows, braids, and unkempt and twisted dreadlocks. My hair style must not interfere with the wear of any headgear.

Instead, they will end in a clean-shaven, horizontal line, not extending below my ear-hole. Mustaches, while unsightly, are allowed. They must be well-kempt and tidy, and may not overshadow my mouth. The mustache must not extend past the corners of my mouth.

Old school villain-style mustaches are not allowed. I may not have a handlebar mustache, nor may I grow a goatee and claim to be my evil twin. My fingernails must be kept clean, and my nails may not extend beyond my fingertips. I must practice good personal hygiene and grooming DAILY, so my smell does not detract from my appearance.

I may not be tattooed or branded above the class A uniform collar, whether the tattoo or brand be on my neck, my face, or the rest of my head.noun. the upper part of the body in humans, joined to the trunk by the neck, containing the brain, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

the corresponding part of the body in other animals. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Head Gear was founded in by creative partners Steve Angel and Julian Grey. Conceived as a small animation shop that provided clever alternatives to purely traditional animation or computer graphics. It has since evolved into a dynamic studio offering everything from stop-motion, 2D, cel and cla.

The Phrygian cap or liberty cap is a soft conical cap with the top pulled forward, associated in antiquity with several peoples in Eastern Europe and Anatolia, including Phrygia, Dacia, and the regardbouddhiste.com early modern Europe it came to signify freedom and the pursuit of liberty through a confusion with the pileus, the felt cap of manumitted (emancipated) slaves of ancient Rome.

Bebop or bop is a style of jazz developed in the early to mids in the United States, which features songs characterized by a fast tempo, complex chord progressions with rapid chord changes and numerous changes of key, instrumental virtuosity, and improvisation based on a combination of harmonic structure, the use of scales and occasional references to the melody.

I was assigned an essay for showing up to a random weekend formation unshaved. I was able to convince with the fit of my headgear or write an essay.

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