How to write an epr usaf

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How to write an epr usaf

I know a lot of people groan about EPRs as if they were as hard to write as a college term paper.

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They like to give the impression that in order to write a good one, they have to lock themselves away somewhere and work through the night, or maybe all week, without food or water, to produce the holy grail of performance reports.

They want to be dramatic and are probably the kind of people that make a big deal out of every little thing in their life anyway. Because writing an EPR is not hard at all They can be used to prove where you were and what you were doing approximately at any time during your career.

I think the reason the EPR has a reputation for being so difficult is because the people who process the EPRs make it difficult.

This is due to any number of reasons: Some raters appear to take pleasure in routinely returning EPRs for rework as an indication of their power and station and superior writing skills. Your EPR might be adequately or even well-written but compared to the way other EPRs are being written, you might have to adjust your style.

how to write an epr usaf

And, of course, many EPR drafts do need improvement. Whatever the reason, rejected EPRs are just a fact of life. If you start the process expecting to see your draft EPR returned for further editing, it will be much less painful.

This brings us to the topic of the "80 percent solution". I learned, through experience, that it served no practical purpose to labor over an EPR draft until every bullet statement, every sentence was "perfect". My carefully chosen words would be lost on my supervisor and he would just slash and mark up the EPR and return it with specific, if garbled, instructions written in the margins with plenty of explanation points!!!

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They are a significant factor in whether you get promoted. Yes, promotion does depend on other factors testing, time in grade, etc but the promotion points of the EPR will almost certainly make the difference between getting promoted and NOT getting promoted. For some career fields, it may be impossible to get promoted without a good EPR.

In summary, EPRs are easier to write than most people think.

BARKSDALE AIR FORCE BASE, La. -, Sept. 16, — Around 10 Airmen participated in an enlisted performance report writing class held at the education center Sept. 9. The monthly course, developed to standardize EPR writing across the 2nd Bomb Wing, teaches Airmen the fundamentals of bullet-writing. The first real writing done in the EPR is the job description. The job description must describe your most important duties or the EPR will lack impact from the very start. This block is the only place where we’re allowed to list our responsibilities and what we do on the job. Serial Number Criteria: Description Criteria: BF Data last updated: Tue Mar 15 Republic PCRE Thunderbolt (th FTG, nd FTS) crashed near Leicester, England Sep 15,

Click on the links below for specific instructions. One of two forms is used for documenting performance. For an authoritative and comprehensive guide to acceptable format abbreviations, punctuation, and general policysee this Air Force EPR guide.

A word about confidentiality.Serial Number Criteria: Description Criteria: BG Data last updated: Tue Mar 15 Boeing BFBO Fortress MSN / (3rd BG, 15th BS) used as F Serial Number Criteria: Description Criteria: BF Data last updated: Tue Mar 15 Republic PCRE Thunderbolt (th FTG, nd FTS) crashed near Leicester, England Sep 15, Examples of CE (Civil Engineering) EPR Bullets.

how to write an epr usaf

- Structural NCOIC; instructed amn on carpentry and welding TTPs--improved unit readiness and idv mbr confidence. Air Force EPR Bullet Examples.

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This website is dedicated to completing that portion of the AF Form that gives people the most trouble: the Performance Assessment blocks.

Generally, as ratees, our main responsibility in completing the EPR is turning in a list of golden EPR Bullets. Return Flights. Print your own onward or return flight ticket with this free service. An onward ticket can be required, based on the countries entry requirements.

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If you want a solid EPR for YOUR career, write it and tell her to sign it. Don't ask, don't plead. Just say, 'Here you go sir, it's all ready for you' and leave the room.

9 times out of 10, that busy supervisor will click sign and forward.

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