Impact of fmcg food packaging on consumer buying behaviour

History of marketing thought In the s and 50s, marketing was dominated by the so-called classical schools of thought which were highly descriptive and relied heavily on case study approaches with only occasional use of interview methods.

Impact of fmcg food packaging on consumer buying behaviour

Packaging contains, protects, preserves, transports, informs, and sells. History of Packaging The first packages used the natural materials available at the time: In-plant recycling has long been common for production of packaging materials.

Post-consumer recycling of aluminum and paper based products has been economical for many years: About half of this market was related to food packaging.

Objectives of Packaging Physical Protection — Protection of the objects enclosed in the package from shock, vibration, compression, temperature, etc. Information Transmission — Information on how to use, transport, recycle, or Dispose of the package or product is often contained on the package or label.

Reducing Theft — Packaging that cannot be re-closed or gets physically damaged Shows signs of opening is helpful in the prevention of theft. Packages also provide opportunities to include anti-theft devices.

Marketing — The packaging and labels can be used by marketers to encourage potential buyers to purchase the product. Convenience — Packages can have features which add convenience in distribution, handling, display, Sale, opening, re-closing, use, and re-use.

Bulk commodities such as salt can be divided into packages that are a more suitable size for individual households. It is also aids the control of inventory: Packaging Types Packaging may be looked at as being of several different types.

Packaging may be described in relation to the type of product being packaged: This usually is the smallest unit of distribution or use and is the package which is in direct contact with the contents. Secondary packaging is outside the primary packaging, perhaps used to group primary packages together.

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These broad categories can be somewhat arbitrary. Sometimes Packaging is so important that it cost more than the product itself in order to lure the consumers to buy it.

Most consumers judge a product by its Packaging before buying. So it is logical to say attractive packaging is crucial in order to get the first time buyers to buy your products.

Impact of fmcg food packaging on consumer buying behaviour

Without attractive Packaging, who would buy it in order to try it? Your first step to enter the market is crushed if the Packaging is ugly. In fact, you need to make high quality products in order to have repeated sales.

Converting first time buyers into loyal consumers should be the main goal of your business and Packaging is the door to it. Packaging is one of those crucial steps that are often neglected in business.

Ask yourself this question, would buy a plain looking item or something excitingly packaged that makes anyone drool.

See also consumer decision making. Buying Behavior is the decision processes and acts of people involved in buying and using products.

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This study investigates the impact of advertising appeals on Customer Buying Behaviours towards selected Fast moving consumer goods (Personal and health Care, Household and cleaning, Food and beverage and Stationery Items).

A Brief Literature Review on Consumer Buying Behaviour Posted on March 5, by John Dudovskiy The topic of consumer behaviour is one of the massively studied topics by the researchers and marketers in the past and still being studied.

IMPACT OF PACKAGE ELEMENTS ON CONSUMER’S PURCHASE while others concentrates on separate elements of package and their impact on consumer buying behaviour (e.g., Vila & Ampuero, ; Madden, Hewett in their recent research.

On the other hand, food and others FMCG usually are treated as low involvement products (Grossman & Wisenblit.

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