Intellectual responses to the dilemma of political engagement

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Intellectual responses to the dilemma of political engagement

He analyzes this intellectual community's most divisive conflicts: Judt shows why this was an all-consuming moral dilemma to a generation of French men and women, how their responses were conditioned by war and occupation, and how post-war political choices have come to sit uneasily on the conscience of later generations of French intellectuals.

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Judt's analysis extends beyond the writings of fashionable "Existentialist" personalities such as Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, and Simone de Beauvoir to include a wide intellectual community of Catholic philosophers, non-aligned journalists, literary critics and poets, Communist and non-Communist alike.

Judt treats the intellectual dilemmas of the postwar years as an unfinished history.

Intellectual responses to the dilemma of political engagement

French intellectuals have not fully come to terms with the gnawing sense of what Judt calls the "moral irresponsibility" of those years. The result, he suggests, is a legacy of bad faith and confusion that has damaged France's cultural standing, notably in newly liberated Eastern Europe, and which reflects the nation's larger difficulty in confronting its own ambivalent past.

Judt's thesis is based on theBlack Narratives and Critical Theory: Two Responses the encounter One field wher.

Intellectual responses to the dilemma of political engagement

e the impact has become quite pronounced is postcolonial studies. This article formulates precise questions and ‘rules of engagement’ designed to advance our understanding of the role populism can and should play in the present political conjuncture, with potentially significant implications for critical management and organization studies and beyond.

In “White Evangelical Protestant Responses to the Civil Rights Movement,” Curtis J. Evans argues “the more active involvement of evangelicals in the political sphere was a .

The American Non-Dilemma DiTomaso, Nancy Published by Russell Sage Foundation DiTomaso, Nancy.

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The intellectual energy spent on the Negro problem in America should, racial attitudes to address Myrdal’s contention that white engagement in political action could ameliorate the condition of blacks and create. This realization helped set the stage for my emotional, political, and analytical responses in the field, and triggered the urge to reflect deeper on what ‘witnessing’ and ‘engagement’ meant as key categories of anthropological research amidst violent political conflict.

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Past Imperfect: French Intellectuals, - Tony Judt - Google Books