Land base enrollment system

In American Indian and Alaska Native contexts, identity can be complicated by issues related to tribal recognition and tribal membership or enrollment. Tribes have diverse stances on how to determine membership and enrollment. This issue can be both politically and emotionally challenging. Traditionally, tribal membership was determined through systems of kinship, clan, and even adoption.

Land base enrollment system

Both are enrolled members of the Blackfeet tribe and lease the Land base enrollment system on which their ranch sits. Truman Hall and his wife, Joy, are enrolled members of the Blackfeet tribe and own their ranch land.

Gabe Grant is an enrolled member of the Blackfeet tribe and an active member of the Blackfeet Against Open Enrollment group.

The main goal of the group is to keep the current blood quantum requirement in place. Clyde Home Gun, rancher and enrolled member of the Blackfeet tribe, opposes changing the enrollment policy.

As a member of Blackfeet Against Open Enrollment, he feels letting descendants enroll would decrease tribal finances. The group has no official leader but meets to discuss the current enrollment debate.

The Blackfeet Against Open Enrollment group meets at the home of Gabe Grant and discusses why opening enrollment would hurt the tribe. The group is fighting to keep the current enrollment requirement because they feel the tribe will lose funds if more people are allowed to enroll.

Omie Crawford is an enrolled member of the Blackfeet tribe and lives in Heart Butte. She is a supporter of the Blackfeet Enrollment Amendment Reform group and wants the enrollment requirements to change from blood quantum to lineal descent.

Sterling Holy White Mountain, left, and Robert Hall discuss why it is necessary to change the tribal enrollment policy. Both men are descendants of the Blackfeet tribe and active members of the Blackfeet Enrollment Amendment Reform group.

If enrollment requirements change from blood quantum to lineal descent then both will be eligible for enrollment. Linda Juneau is an enrolled member of the Blackfeet tribe and an active member of the Blackfeet Enrollment Amendment Reform group.

The group was formed in Februaryand their main goal is to change the requirement for enrollment. This would make Blackfeet descendants eligible to become enrolled tribal members and receive benefits only afforded to enrolled members.

The house that sits on the same land where his great-grandparents are buried. He could be left with no options but to leave his home, his roots. Truman Hall and his wife, Joy, stand outside their home on the Blackfeet reservation.

Land base enrollment system

Hall and his wife are both enrolled members of the tribe, and all three of their daughters are enrolled, too. Inthe Blackfeet tribal council amended the constitution to include a blood quantum-based enrollment policy.

Now, anyone born after Aug.

Land base enrollment system

This means an enrolled citizen must have at least—or the equivalent of—one full-blooded Blackfeet grandparent to barely meet the quantum criteria.

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