Marketing and innocent smoothies

Whilst market share for Innocent has declined, revenues are up year on year. Sector growth for Innocent is very strong in spite of the prevailing market conditions. The competitors are relatively few with only PJs and own label delivering any material volume into the market.

Marketing and innocent smoothies

The product, price, promotions and distribution network placemostly referred as the 4Ps of marketing, are focused on customers and how to satisfy them and make them continue their patronage with the organization. Marketing involves the process of strategizing in bringing goods and services to consumers when and at the price needed.

Thus, strategic marketing entails that the organization carries out an effective planning that would coordinate the whole marketing operates of the organization and make it adapt to its environment through effective utilization of available resources. Adopting a pragmatic strategy for an organization is aimed at making the organization curve a niche over its rivals.

Through an organization marketing mix structure, it can build for itself a strategy that would make it meet its objectives adequately.

Marketing and innocent smoothies

In this view, Oden Most product, market, and process venture decisions of the past were made without the benefit of strategic thinking or planning. This write-up would give an analysis on Innocent Drinks has effectively utilize its marketing mix in its overseas operations. The organization is a multinational corporation with operational base well established in European countries, which include United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, Sweden, France, Austria, and Netherlands.

Innocent drinks organization involve in the production of drinks derived from its cow milk and fruit drinks. The organization has variety of brands of drinks, which are produced to give delight to its customers. There is also thickies; live probiotic yoghurt, and juicy waters containing juice and spring water all mixed up to make customers feel wonderful and satisfy.

This range of product from Innocent Drinks organization goes to testify that the organization is product oriented. Furthermore, the accomplishing supplementary services from the organization go to make the delivery of its products to consumer in the most delightful way and making them satisfied.

All these supplementary services are built around the delivery of good products to consumers. These supplementary services include the cooling of the organizations drinks in refrigerated van that are specifically designed in a cow image. Since the organization sell its drinks all over the place, it uses its cow van in making sure its products are well distributed.

The cow vans of the Innocent Drinks are built in cow form, with horns and button that when pressed would make it make the moo sound of a cow. This brings about the creation of a specific branding of the organization products and creates great awareness of its product in the place of its marketing.

An organization provides core services and goods to its customers.

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According to Iacobucci For Innocent Drinks, its supplementary services are built around its products to make the consumers of its product feel satisfied.

Thus, it is arguable that the Innocent organization operates a product-oriented organization. This also shows the reflection of the products of the organization in every of its activities. This also, shows how product oriented the Innocent Drinks organization is structured.

Thus, customers are guaranteed that they are consuming hygienic, natural, and unadulterated drinks. Furthermore, the Innocent Drinks organization has different varieties of assorted smoothies, made of fruits and milk.

The different brands of the organization are made to satisfy customers taste both young and old. The prices of the Innocent drinks are moderate and customer friendly.

The drinks come in small bottled pack, which costs are affordable by all and sundry.While Innocent is best known for its fruit smoothies, the brand is focusing on its health innovations in to reach new audiences. For Innocent, was a year of innovation.

Besides launching its own coconut water and its refreshment drink Bubbles, the brand has also added a new range of fruit. Also, even though Innocent is the most expensive out of its main competitors, 69% of respondents have said that Innocent smoothies are worth every penny.

Nevertheless, Tropicana had a 73% rate, own brands had a 65%, . For innocent, the marketing mix did have its advantage in the introductory marketing, but people-power and the relationship marketing approach also play an active role in its marketing strategy, especially for the development in the secondary stage and long-term success.(Gordon, ).

Consumers who buy smoothies once a week have the same perception of the Innocent brand, whereas consumers who drink smoothies only once a month think of Innocent smoothies to be less tasty than and just as healthy as smoothies by Tropicana.

Bringing veg juices to the masses

marketing strategy of innocent drinks 1: Introduction Every organization needs to have a marketing strategy so that they know who are their competitors, which market they need to target, do they have resources to compete in that market and what strategies they need to adopt to gain competitive position in the industry.

Innocent smoothies and drinks are premium priced within its specific market. This may also be down to the fact that they donate t en percent of every purchase to charity.

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