My opinion about a a milnes a word

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My opinion about a a milnes a word

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Another view of the Milnes monument, Kensal Green Cemetery. From where I was standing it resembled a mop head which had dried out and been left on top of a grave.

I was planning to carry on stalking obliging butterflies but curiosity got the better of me and I made my way over to the monument.

My opinion about a a milnes a word

It was then that I realised that the supposed mop head was in fact a beautifully sculpted wheatsheaf. Full length view of the Milnes monument. The epitaphs on both side of the tomb were virtually unreadable.

But more of the Milnes later as this family has a strong connection to Kensal Green Cemetery A sheaf is a tied bunch of grain stalks after they have been harvested by hand with scythes. The wheatsheaf and resurrection However, the wheatsheaf symbol has always had strong associations with the theme of resurrection.

This seemingly humble grain has played its part in many funeral cults and mourning rites throughout ancient cultures.

For example, the ancient Greeks and Romans regarded it as life springing from death or immortality.

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Ancient Egypt was seen as the breadbasket of the ancient Mediterranean due to the volume of crops that it produced and Osiris, god of the underworld, was strongly associated with wheat within the context of a representation of rebirth.

Wheat is also important to the Christian religion with the Eucharist bread which represents the body of Christ and his sacrifice and also in remembrance of the Last Supper.

There is the famous biblical quotation from Luke When wheat is harvested the ground is left to lie still during the winter and then re-sown in the spring to begin the cycle of life again. Here it represents renewal and renewal as the cycle of seasons has once more given grain for bread.

There is also the association with the harvesting of years in that Death and his scythe prepare to reap at the end of life. So there has always been an association with the wheatsheaf of resurrection and remembrance. This is where it is at its most powerful as a funerary symbol. I found it on Pinterest and could not find the source of the image.

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According to the art of mourning website, the wheatsheaf was also a very popular motif in Victorian mourning jewellery. In fact they have suggested that it could be seen as a memento mori in that it denotes life cut and renewal or resurrection of the soul.

Its heyday was during and it also survived into early 20th century mourning jewellery just as it was going out of fashion. The wheatsheaf was often found in mourning wreaths, brooches, lockets and rings and was an effective emblem when working with hair to create these pieces.

But who lies under the Kensal Green wheatsheaf? He is buried with his third and final wife elsewhere within Kensal Green cemetery under a far plainer stone. Milnes completed a number of funerary monuments which can be seen in churches in Gloucestershire, Cumbria and Suffolk and also statues which still stand in Norwich and Woolwich.

Milnes exhibited statues and busts at the Royal Academy after entering its schools on 21 April He also designed another monument in Kensal Green, the horse and child on top of Alfred Cooke, which, although damaged, is still in place.

My opinion about a a milnes a word

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