Odysseus qualities essay

The events of The Odyssey take place after the Trojan War. They describe the journey of Odysseus, a strong and intelligent leader. Due to the conflict with Poseidon, the sea god, the trip to Ithaca turns into a ten-year journey full of challenges, difficulties and temptations. Odysseus arrives to Ithaca after twenty years of absence and finds his kingdom not the way he has left it.

Odysseus qualities essay

His intelligence, wit, and morals of the day allow the Greeks to look up to him as a role model. Perhaps the greatest characteristic that separates Odysseus from the suitors and his fellow shipmates is the wit and ability to trust the gods with their advice.

The Odyssey begins 10 years after the Iliad had left off and Odysseus is trapped on an island with Calypso. Odysseus then has many hardships upon which he overcomes through his intelligence and wit.

One of the first obstacles he conquers is his defeat of the Cyclops. Once trapped in the cave of the one-eyed monster, Odysseus must devise a plan for this giant is consuming his men.

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Cunningly, Odysseus gets the Cyclops drunk and allows him to fall into slumber. He then blinds the Cyclops with a red-hot spear, knowing intelligently enough that if he kills the Cyclops they will be trapped forever.

Searching for help, the giant opens the cave. There are many instances throughout the epic where Odysseus takes the advice of the gods and overcomes the obstacles he is faced with.

Odysseus qualities essay

One of the first events is when Odysseus encounters Aeolus, the god of winds. Many men would not trust this god and not accept his secret bag of wind, believing it would be a plague of some sort. Odysseus eats the Molly that is given to him and patiently waits for the right time to strike.

Odysseus subdues Circe and forces her to free his men from the bondage of swine. After living in luxury with Circe for a year, he listens to her advice on how to return to his homeland of Ithaca. He then travels to Hades upon her advice and speaks to Tiresias, the blind prophet.Odysseus is a good and bad leader and he commits both success and failure.

A good leader is honest, driven to success and a role model for others.

Odysseus qualities essay

A bad leader can have good qualities, but is not quite strong enough to stand up for what the leader believes. The Purdue University Online Writing Lab serves writers from around the world and the Purdue University Writing Lab helps writers on Purdue's campus.

Odysseus as a Leader. Leaders are significant people in our societies because of the significant role that they play. However, for an individual to be categorized as a leader, he or she needs to meet a certain threshold of leadership qualities.

Odysseus was the hero of the story of the Odyssey. Odysseus rued Ithaca kingdom; an island in Greece. These two heroes possessed some similarities and differences.

First, both Gilgamesh and Odysseus were king and ruled over Uruk and Greek island of Ithaca respectively. Also, the two heroes are ordinary men with particular strengths. Odysseus was a man who was known for both his good and bad leadership qualities.

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