Ordeal of reconstruction essay

The Ordeal of Reconstruction The Civil War left a devastating nation, a crisis that would take years to overcome. The South, by all means, was wounded the most from the war. This also marked the beginning of rebuilding the South.

Ordeal of reconstruction essay

After emancipation and the ravaging of the land by the armies, agriculture was crippled. This was due to the collapse of the slave-labor system, the scarcity of seed, and the lack of cattle.

Fields and plantations were destroyed. Most white southerners recognized that secession had been a mistake and welcomed returning to the United States as American citizens.

Many newly emancipated slaves undertook travel to demonstrate their freedom or to seek separated loved ones. Tens of thousands of emancipated blacks traveled the roads, searching for lost or sold family members and many left to work as free men in towns and cities, where they were supported by preexisting black communities.

The focus of black community life after emancipation became the black church. As slaves, they were forced to worship Ordeal of reconstruction essay whites, but they began to form their own churches that were pastored by their own ministers.

These churches gave rise to other benevolent societies. Lincoln believed that the Southern states had never really legally seceded from the States, and so, restoration of the Union should be simple.

This angered the Radical Republicans who thought that Johnson would surely use his hatred of Southern aristocrats to punish them. The sharecropping system, developed during Reconstruction, trapped most blacks and many poor whites in a condition of perpetual debt to their creditors.

The sharecroppers did not own cattle or livestock and were often unable to leave the land they had rented, due to a buildup of debt and a lack of places to go.

The Black Codes, enacted by the Johnson-established southern state governments, provided freed slaves with basic political rights but not social integration. Freedom was recognized, as was certain rights, but other rights such as serving on a jury, voting, etc.

The Black Codes aimed to ensure a stable and subservient labor force and to return the conditions of blacks to slavery without calling it slavery.

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Sharecroppers would be forced to stay on the same economic standpoint for generations, all due to the suppression of the Black Codes. Congressional Republicans demanded that the Southern states ratify the Fourteenth Amendment in order to be readmitted to the Union.

The Radical Republicans were unhappy that the 14th Amendment did not grant the blacks suffrage rights to the blacks, but all Republicans agreed that no state would be readmitted without ratifying this Amendment.

Ordeal of reconstruction essay

Radical Republicans succeeded in their goal of redistributing land to the former slaves. It was opposed by moderate Republicans and Democrats, and tough many efforts were made, it was never truly put into effect. During Reconstruction, blacks controlled most of the Southern state legislatures. Elite whites still controlled the vast majority of the Southern state legislatures, due to popular support from the people.

Ordeal of reconstruction essay

Many women felt betrayed when the Fifteenth Amendment gave voting rights to black males but not to women. The federal government made no effort to attempt to suppress the violent white supremacists in the Ku Klux Klan.

The Force Acts of and were designed specifically to suppress the violence of the Ku Klux Klan. They accused him of various violations of the Tenure of Office Act, but they really wanted to impeach him out of political vindictiveness.

They were annoyed that he was not on their side and stopped them from passing the laws they wanted to pass. Food, clothing, and education for emancipated slaves. Ensure a stable and subservient labor force under white control. The congressional elections of resulted in a C. A decisive defeat for Johnson and a veto-proof Republican Congress.

In contrast to Radical Republicans, moderate Republicans generally A.

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Besides putting the South under the rule of federal soldiers, the Military Reconstruction Act of required that all of the reconstructed southern states must A. Southern states give blacks the vote as a condition of readmittance to the Union. Which of the following was not among the provisions of the Fourteenth Amendment?

Elimination of one senator from each southern state until Reconstruction was complete The Fifteenth Amendment provided for C.The Ordeal of Reconstruction The Problems of Peace All rebel (Confederate) leaders were pardoned by President Johnson in Freedmen Define Freedom.

Reconstruction of a Nation Essay. Max McGreevy February 19, History Jeff Cox Reconstruction of a Nation Wars have large consequences and radical reform, but it took some time after the Civil War to get reconstruction started in the South.

The Ordeal of Reconstruction Essay example The Ordeal of Reconstruction The Problems of Peace All rebel (Confederate) leaders were pardoned by President Johnson in Freedmen Define Freedom Emancipation took effect unevenly in different parts of the conquered Confederacy.

The Ordeal of Reconstruction - Four Questions to be Answered by Reconstruction •How would the South be rebuilt?

Essay title: The Ordeal of Reconstruction

•How would liberated blacks fare as free men and women? •How would the Southern states be reintegrated into the Union?

Reconstruction. Reconstruction. blacks. The Ordeal of Reconstruction Summary Essay With the Civil War over, the nation faced the difficult problems of rebuilding the South, assisting the freed slaves, reintegrating the Southern states into the Union, and deciding who would direct the Reconstruction process.

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