Scholastic art and writing awards 2013 categories

The Scholastic Art Awards offers early recognition of creative teenagers by local and national professionals in the arts and exhibition opportunities for regional and national audiences; and scholarships for graduating seniors who present portfolios of art. Young artists residing in Wisconsin who: The process begins with students submitting creative works of art to the Wisconsin Regional Affiliate program through an art teacher or other primary teacher if their school does not have an art teacher.

Scholastic art and writing awards 2013 categories

This year attracted 12, entries produced by students at colleges, universities and secondary schools throughout the United States.

Judges cited a total of 1, winners for either First, Second or Third Place or for Certificates of Merit for those deemed worthy of honorable mention in a category.

Entry categories included those for yearbooks or for digital online media, in its annual competition for individual achievement by student writers, editors, designers and photographers. Entries for the newspaper and magazine categories for were published from June 16, through June 15, Student journalists working on these print or electronic media chose from 78 news categories and 34 magazines categories for individual or staff entries.

Entries were accepted from student yearbooks and digital media publications published from November 2, through November 1, Student journalists working on these print or electronic media chose from 42 yearbook categories and 51 digital media categories for individual or staff entries.

These awards reflect entries produced between June 16, through June 15, General or humor commentary 1.

scholastic art and writing awards 2013 categories

First person experience 1. Louis Park High School, St. Staff, The ReMarker, St.

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Staff, The Southerner, Henry W. Portfolio of work 1. Cartoon Portfolio of work 1. Single spot news photograph 1.

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Single feature photograph 1. Single sports photograph 1. Photography Portfolio of work 1. Single Advertising photography No awards were given in this category. Overall look of the entire paper 1. The look of one page 1. A designed or art headline 1. Overall Design Tabloid format 1.

Staff, The Echo, St. Overall Design Broadsheet format 1. Staff, The Update, H.

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Overall Design Newsmagazine format 1.Mar 05,  · Scholastic Art Awards. March 5, - April 10, The Museum’s annual presentation of The Scholastic Art Awards is scheduled in conjunction with The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, a national program designed to identify America’s most gifted young artists and writers.

categories and deadlines or to begin the. To celebrate the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards’ national winners, the Alliance will kick-off this year’s National Events in New York City on June 5, with the first annual Maker Prom – a party with interactive art-making stations – at the Roosevelt Hotel and the grand opening of the "Dangle," a photograph by Jason Bursley of an ArtPrize entry, has won a national medal in the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers' Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

CSPA presents the Scholastic Gold Circle Awards. NEWS; MAGAZINE; YEARBOOKS; DIGITAL MEDIA; NEW YORK, NY - The Columbia Scholastic Press Association announces the winners from its 32 nd Gold Circle Awards program.

For the newspaper, magazine, yearbooks and digital media categories this year attracted .

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marks the 90th anniversary of the Awards, and this year’s program attracted more than , submissions in 28 categories, including dramatic script, journalism, humor, novel-writing and science-fiction as well as painting, sculpture, photography, fashion design, film and animation, and video game design, among others.

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