The advantages of ddirect and representative democracy essay

With some 18, ballots cast in the race, she said, was too small a difference not to call for a recount, she said. She has represented half of Rowan County in the House for 10 years.

The advantages of ddirect and representative democracy essay

Email none Jan 4, -- 0: Mike Walkerwicz Email Jan 4, -- He knocked down abd bought all of center street and spent millions on the new village hall in exactly the same way Email none Jan 5, -- 8: Email none Jan 5, -- 9: Email none Jan 5, -- Can't they come up with a less trite and non-useful description?

Not that I have always been in agreement with the mayor, but let's stick to facts: PREVIOUS mayors and boards decided to buy property on Center Street for the site of a needed new village hall; when it was still the planned site, old and condemned buildings were scheduled to be torn down to make room for the new hall.

But even after the bank building was picked as the new hall site, it was decided that tearing down the old and decrepit buildings on Center would improve the appearance and make the land more likely to sell, which would recoup the money spent on it in the first place.

Alas, any plans to sell the property for commercial development or the proposed transportation hub seems to have vanished, and the village has a barely-used site for a part-time farmers market instead, which hardly is a profitable use of that space, as other locations are better suited, and this precludes it's profitable sale.

As for the "millions" spent on the new hall; I remind you that it was MY idea to pursue the purchase of the hall when the mayor was flat out against it, and he was aggressively pursuing the construction of a brand new hall on Center, which HE thought would revitalize that area instead of building a more appropriate commercial structure there, which makes more senseyet would have likely cost three to four times what buying and modifying the existing building on Elting cost.

The advantages of ddirect and representative democracy essay

The move was necessary the village had been sued for non-compliance with accessibility laws once already, and more suits were possible; space was also an issue, and heating and coolingand, no "millions" were not spent. The building was bought for ONE million, an outright steal for a five-story brick structure less than 20 years old it would take times that much to build it from scratch today!

And they threw in furniture and extra parking land, gratis.

The advantages of ddirect and representative democracy essay

Finally, it wasn't done "exactly the same way" What's with these ill-informed "experts"? Though some latter decisions seem to have been made without board input, to my chagrin, there was no attempt to push this through against the will or awareness of the public, or frustrate the will of a future board by rushing the decision in before the board changed, which seems to be one of the main complaints with what the town NOT the village; please get them straight!

Steve Krulick Email Jan 5, -- 2: Krulick, The building is indeed a steal when it is looked at from the perspective you have stated above. However, there may be more than one way to look at the purchase of the bank building. From where I'm looking we have the village that is already taxing at, or near the maximum allowable rate.

By buying the New Hall, you have taken the if not the largest single taxpayor then one of the largest taxpayers in the village off the tax rolls. I understand the the need for a new village building and won't argue the point. I do agree there was no way to get any suitable structure for less.

However the question remains how can we afford this double whammy? Is the only answer to raise water and rates? Selling the old building in the current economy is going to be problematic at best and the center street property doesn't appear to be too appealing for development either.

So I guess my question is where do we go from here? Email none Jan 5, -- 4: And then another buyer when that fell through, and then another. Some never even got to that stage. I wish I had a nickel for every time he said a sale to a commercial buyer was immanent.

But, of course, it never happened. Hence, "keeping it on the tax rolls" was a chimera. As it was, as the building got empty, the taxes for it dropped quite a bit. AND the Center Street property can be sold, recouping that expense and then go on the tax rolls.

If it's done sooner rather than after the real estate market completely tanks, it might even recoup much of the cost of the bank building purchase.

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Water rates have nothing to do with it; water and sewer rates can ONLY be applied to water and sewer expenses. Yes, the village has borrowed from water to general or vice-versa, but it eventually has to be paid back.A direct democracy is usually contrasted with a representative democracy.

In a representative democracy, the general public votes for representatives, who then make laws on its behalf. Hello everyone. The holiday time is closing on us and the gnomes at Den of Imagination are busier then ever. Many projects started. We have really cool Imperial Fists army almost done so some eye candy coming your way.

Despite the problem of representative democracy, it is the system in place across the democratic world. This is contrasted with Direct Democracy which involves voters taking decisions themselves or seeking to influence decisions without doing so via elected representatives.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Assess the advantages of representative democracy It is a more practical form of democracy. As I have already said, direct democracy can only really work in small communities, as mass meetings to decide matters of state are nearly impossible.

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