The stranger chapter 3 analysis

Apparently, the press had gotten hold of the story and built Meursault up to be a monster in the papers. A bell rings, signalling the beginning of the trial. Three judges enter the courtroom, one in red and two in black.

The stranger chapter 3 analysis

Still nonchalant, Meursault wonders how it will turn out. His lawyer assures him that the case will take no longer than two to three days. As the court is filled with people and lawyers, Meursault looks around. He observes the jury staring at him. He thinks that the legal process is silly, and furthermore that his presence in court is all part of a game.

Meursault reminds himself that he did, in fact, commit a crime, and that these people are present to hear his case and decide his fate.

The Stranger Part 1, Chapter 3: Summary and Analysis -

Meursault is surprised at the large crowd that is present in court. A reporter tells him that because the summer season is slow, the media has overtaken his case. Many people are anxious to see how it turns out. The reporter longs for him to be acquitted.

The lawyers enter the courtroom, shake hands, and then the three judges walk in, dressed in red and black. The stranger chapter 3 analysis proceedings begin as the judges ask the lawyers to call their witnesses. Meursault feels everyone looking at him, and occasionally forgets why he is there.

He remembers and looks at the list of witnesses. He recognizes the names on the list: RaymondCelesteMarie, Salamano. Detachment 9 The judge begins immediately with having the prosecutor question Meursualt.

He begins by asking him his name, date of birth, etc. This line of questioning irritates Meursault, for he thinks it would be silly of the French legal system to try the wrong man.

He is irritated by pretty much everything in the courtroom proceedings.

The stranger chapter 3 analysis

Meursault responds that he put her in a home because he could not look after her. They had separate lives and were both ok with it.

The stranger chapter 3 analysis

The judges want the prosecutor to move on from this line of questioning. The lawyer then asks him if, when he went to the spring at the beach, he had returned to the exact same place with the intention of killing the Arab.

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After Meursault responds vehemently in the negative, the judge announces that the hearing is adjourned till later that afternoon. When he returns to court, Meursault sees the exact same faces - same environment.

This time, however, he feels the heat stronger than before. He looks around at the rest of the people provided with straw fans and feels jealous. Meursault realizes, after the prosecutor accomplishes his goal in the examination, that he is in trouble.

The Stranger

Observation 8 The caretaker is then called up to the podium for questioning. He is asked the same questions that the director was asked: The case seems to be working against Meursault, as each witness illustrates his cold nature and uncaring attitude about death and Maman. He also mentions that he never knew Meursault very well - only Maman.

The prosecutor asks him if he saw him cry that day. Perez responds that he did not. However, when the defense attorney cross-examines him, he asks if he saw Meursault not cry. Perez also responds negatively, giving the jury a moment to laugh. Again, Meursault realizes at this point that he is the defense and consequently listens to the testimony.

Celeste comments that Meursault is a customer of his and also a friend. He also states that there are no problems with his bills and that he is just going through a time with lots of bad luck. When he steps down, Meursault feels that for the first time in his life, he wants to kiss another man in gratification.

When Marie is called up to the stand next, the tone of the court changes. The prosecutor inquires as to her relationship with Meursault.Plot summary: The subject of this long chapter is the first day of Meursault’s trial. We are never allowed to lose sight of the fact that it is a hot day.

the absurdist view of The Stranger resides in the central character and also in the society that he inhabits.

Part 2, Chapter 3: Summary and Analysis

The Stranger: Part 2, Chapter 3 . The Stranger - Part 1, Chapter 3 Summary & Analysis Albert Camus This Study Guide consists of approximately 57 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of The Stranger.

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Part I, Chapter 3 Summary. Meursault returns to work on Monday. There's a stack of invoices on his desk, and he works hard to get through them. He and his coworker Emmanuel run to catch the. In his analysis of the novel, Sartre asserts that Camus presents in Meursault one of the "terrible innocents who shock society by not accepting the rules of its game." Physical life continues to influence and, at times, overwhelm Meursault.

The Stranger Part 1, Chapter 3: Summary and Analysis -