Theatre and gender

The 10 theatre companies involved in the working group have come together to demonstrate the power of collaboration within the Cultural sector in Ireland, to share expertise, support and learnings and enhance the possibilities for women in the Irish theatre sector.

Theatre and gender

Descriptions may vary across semesters and instructors. TDPS - Introduction to Technical Theatre An introductory course covering basic topics in technology and craftsmanship for the production of theatre and dance.

The objective of this course is to provide the student with an elementary understanding of the process of realizing a production, from the design through build, run, and strike. The student should gain a working knowledge of theatre terminology as well as a familiarity with basic theatre tools and techniques for scenery, paint, props costumes, lighting, audio, video, and stage management.

It is a hands-on, purely laboratory experience. The intent of repeating this course is to experience and learn a different skill set in the production process. Through guided movement exercises and experiences, readings, discussions, observations, and journaling, students will broaden self-awareness and physical and expressive skills in the movement aspects of time, space, energy, shape and dynamics.

This course will delve into the basics of improvisation as self-exploration, technique, choreographic tool and performance form through various approaches and styles.

Theatre and gender

This course will be split into three distinct units. The first will explore how dance is relevant to your life. Throughout each class, the dancer will be familiarized with the basic technical and kinetic mechanics common to most forms of modern dance.

Gender Bias in the Theatre

Topics to be explored during this semester include: What does the concept look like? DANC - Choreographic Project This course aims to provide you with tools and methodologies for identifying and accessing source materials for choreography, and turning those materials into choreographed works.

Included in the course: Investigating, adapting, devising, and proposing choreographed works. How to read plays effectively How to think and write critically about performance The jobs of different types of theatre professionals An overview of theatre history The role that theatre plays in contemporary culture The ways theatre addresses issues of gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, and class Theatre's relevance to widespread audiences The readings for this course will introduce students to the dramatic canon, provide students with fundamental knowledge of dramatic principles and theatrical styles, and address a range of contemporary social issues.

This course is intended as an introduction to theatre and does not require prior theatrical experience. Analyze theatrical designs, visual art, and advertisements using standard design terminology.

Visually articulate design ideas through the clear and concise presentation of research.


Learn to constructively and objectively critique theatrical designs and peer work. By the end of this course students will: Utilize an appropriate play analysis vocabulary in written work and discussion. Be able to analyze a play from a dramaturgical perspective.

Research and write a paper that examines a play in its historical context. These skills prepare the student for future studies in the major and allow them to enter the field as educated practitioners.

Students will be expected to: Please save all process work for the project.May 24,  · The Civic Theater’s most recent production, “9 to 5: The Musical” – a show co-written by a woman but originally directed by a man – deals with the topics of gender discrimination and.

Carlos Banuelos English 71 Martin 3/20/ Gender exercise Sex and gender are different things, Sex defines the difference of a person based on their body parts and gender is the characteristic that makes a person act in a certain way in order to satisfy the society. It shows how gender, performance and identity play themselves out in various ways, contexts and genres, in order to illumine the very instability and fluidity of identity as a static category.

As such, it is a must-read for anyone interested in gender studies, identity politics and literature in general. Who We Are. Alberta Theatre Projects is a Calgary-based, not-for-profit, professional theatre company that celebrates the art of live theatre.

From its home in The Martha Cohen Theatre at Arts Commons, the company produces world-calibre shows with a focus on idea-driven new works, plays by Canadian playwrights, and contemporary theatre .

Theatre and gender

W atch the first panel discussion at The BENCH India, which explored gender and performing arts It was the reception we had dreamed of, but getting to that point was no easy feat.

India is a very different place to the UK: historically, politically and within society. Gender and Theatre A study by Purple Seven reveals the gender gap in theatre is wide, but closing.

Key Findings Female customers account for 65% of.

Theatres must act now about gender inequality | Stage | The Guardian