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What does she represent? Do women look up to her? Can she speak to feminism? Do the British people wish her to step forward and inhabit her character, or is their perception that she will remain a blank page on which they write their own version of the future?

Ukip script 1

After the end of the Cold War, Ukraine surrendered its nuclear weapons in exchange for security guarantees from Russia and the US.

Amavis – deal with duplicate headers Here are the latest GB-wide numbers from YouGov But if the Scottish subsample of the poll is to believed and yes, there are the usual caveats about the reliability of any individual subsample things are even worse for her here.

But in earlyVladimir Putin took the Crimea from them. Of course, this event would be used to start the Ukraine-Russia war. So what scenario are they setting up?

What does UKIP mean?

Since Russia and Ukraine are already Ukip script 1 the precipice, this would start an almost immediate war between the two nations, so that part of World War 3 would already be raging before the blame shifts from ISIS to Iran.

Additionally, since the original source of the nuke will be identified as North Korea, the Indians will rage against Pakistan for helping the North Koreans build the nuke that killed Modi, and Pence will rage against North Korea for releasing the nuke that killed Trump. For the globalists to initially blame ISIS, though, they have to establish a backstory showing that ISIS has both the ability and the presence in Argentina to conduct the strike.

While procuring the materials and manufacturing a nuclear weapon would represent an incredible technical and logistical hardships for a non-state actor, a single compact warhead could be in the range of capabilities for a non-state actor like Hezbollah, said Lamrani.

ISIS is in Argentina and you will hear from us soon. As the nation works to shrink territorial control of the caliphate in Iraq and Syria, the battlefront extends virtually to the cyber domain, and America must be prepared.

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This is going to occur. And after the attack, a claim of responsibility by ISIS will be made. This claim may be backed up by video posts appearing to show ISIS fighters training for the attack.

It would take the resources of a nation-state to accomplish such a feat, and the list of nations capable of such an attack is a short one: Russia, China, Iran and North Koreato name the most likely suspects. Furthermore, the method of attack suggests that a submarine may have been involved.

Where did ISIS get a submarine?

Ukip script 1

And how did they gain the expertise to operate it and move it all the way to Argentina? It would take the resources of a nation-state to accomplish such a feat — a nation like Iran for instance: Both Putin and Xi will supposedly die in the G20 attack, and the power vacuums they leave behind will be filled by Dmitry Medvedev and Li Keqiang.

And with that being the case, the whole world will mobilize against Iran, Hezbollah, and everyone who helped them such as the Syrian, Venezuelan, and Bolivian governments. Since the Iranians are big proponents of small boat swarm tacticskeep an eye out for such a swarm to be part of the distraction attacks.

The most effective way for the false-flaggers to employ a swarm would be to man the boats with sign-carrying unarmed protesters.A script has been put together to turn Ukip donor and Brexit campaigner Arron Bank's book after Farage and himself into a six-part film.

comments 1 video. Google Groups allows you to create and participate in online forums and email-based groups with a rich experience for community conversations. It is more urgent now than ever before, for UKIP members to be prepared for another general election, and arm ourselves with all the raison d’être of being supporters of the UK Independence Party.

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There are so many threads of information surrounding the operation to conduct political surveillance on the Trump campaign by various officials and offices .

Language-related articles. This is a section for articles about language, languages, linguistics, translation, interpreting, lexicography, writing, learning languages. UKIP to revert to Anglo-Saxon Runic script. by Tom Rowsell. UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage has announced that from now on all party literature and advertising will be translated into Old English, the language of our Anglo-Saxon forebears.

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