Write a press release

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Write a press release

Share via Email How would a TV presenter introduce your story? Asking yourself that question should give you the top line. But how long should a press release be? And what kind of information should you include?

Here are a few tips to help you get started: Make sure your story is newsworthy Before you even attempt to write a press release, think about the things you like to read, watch and listen to in the media.

Is there anything "new" in my story? Is there anything unusual or unexpected about it? Would this be of interest to anyone outside my business?

write a press release

Will anyone actually care? The last one sounds harsh, but is probably the most important: A great subject line is also a must. So if your story is about the the launch of the first financial planning consultancy for women, say exactly that.

The company boilerplate is one of the most important components of a press release. Learn how to write a clickworthy boilerplate when you create your press release. Free Press release distribution service for all businesses - Increase traffic and visibility - Send press releases to search engines, news websites, bloggers and journalists. A press release is a key marketing strategy for your EPK or press kit. Press releases are the 5 Ws in a press package. Here's how to write a press release.

Your first line should be a summary of the story in no more than around words and read like the opening of a news story. Journalists are generally taught to get as many of the "five Ws" who, what, where, why and when in the opening line of news stories, so if you want examples of great first lines for press releases, look no further than your daily newspaper.

Another trick is to imagine your story is going to be covered on a TV or radio programme. A presenter generally has around seconds to introduce each item eg "And coming up next Asking yourself that question should give you the top line of your story. Be concise The ideal length of a press release is about an A4 side or about to words the length of a short news item.

Use quotes to provide insight, not information Including quotes from people in your company can be helpful for journalists and on regional or trade publications are often used, word for word.

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A few more tips If you want to maximise your chances of getting press coverage, you will have to tweak your idea, and your release, for different publications or programmes.

Paste your press release underneath, as a busy journalist may not bother to an open an attachment. Most journalists are swamped with press releases, so it may take you a few attempts and a bit of chasing to land press coverage for your business.

write a press release

Janet Murray is a freelance journalist and media consultant. Her blog can be found here.May I elaborate on #3? The best place to post press releases at your website is, as you said, in your Media Kit.

Or, in your online pressroom. Sample Press Release. CrabTech Hermit Crab Shells and HermitHomes a nnounce m erger. By James Downey. August 10, Portland, OR – Locally owned CrabTech Hermit Crab Shells announced today that it will be merging with Miami-based crab shell superstore HermitHomes effective December 21, Company officials are expected to meet with Crab Construction Union officials later this month to.

Free press release distribution service from Pressbox as well as providing professional copywriting services to targeted audiences globally.

If you want your event to shine and be well-attended by your target audience, you want to create a buzz by sending out a press release.

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But, with so many people on information overload via social media, texts, and emails, how do you generate excitement? El Paso Scene Press Release Form. This is a standard press release form for individuals or organizations who want to submit an item to El Paso Scene monthly magazine.

The press release also segments the video the same way a written press release would, breaking up the CEO's commentary by the question he's answering. This makes it easy for viewers to jump through the video and find the information they're most interested in hearing about.

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